Art Farming

Magic standing in front of a large canvas tacked to my barn door - She wants a treat that's
inside the door :)

There is another art farm I've discovered - someday I'd like to go there . It's not far from here and looks very interesting.  

Farm Love

"All creatures through their single imagination are aware of other creatures, seemingly gained by the helpful hand of natural selection, but what explains consciousness, as it may not be an evolved state: imagine consciousness closer to a chemical continuity across the spectrum of all plants and animals, simply arising as a property out of increasingly complex chemical interactions, and like our bodies’ specialized cells racing amok from the never-ending chemical addendum we blend into nature’s stew, consciousness continues expanding, unsympathetic to our aims on this mortal coil, as we are to the aims of worms and cockroaches while we grapple with life’s incoherence."



Yes, it's me. I'm alive!  Art fairs, farmer's markets, commissions and outdoor wonderland have kept me away from my desk.  All this with a dollop of Crohn's disease. ; /
I have missed all of you.
Here's a peek for now.
an angel came to visit me in my booth at Carbondale Art Fair.

some of my latest Art Blocks - will be available in Etsy after this week.

lots os speckled fawns this year

The Art Farm looking back- my 3 sidekicks, Pearl, Ollie, and Blue (who is red)

The Art Farm looking ahead- this is my front yard with a skipping little 5 year old friend.
xoxoxo Milady

Goodbye Duke

Duke the wonder horse is on his way to greener pastures today. 
He was the gentle grand- dad of the herd.  Picked on a bit, off alone alot.
He was the one we'd pile babies on, ride double, bareback, backwards, stand on him
and hug for long spells muzzle to forehead.
Duke had freckles and a kind loving heart.
WE will miss you Duke.

With great love,
your human family,
Tate, Stephanie Rosie, Roscoe and Morgan.

April so far cont...

on the Art Farm, a large portion of it is spent inside. inside from the cold, inside my head...dreaming of images, creating and inventing.

As soon as the snow melts we venture outside
not with skis but horse trailers

excited and cautious of the ever fickle mountain weather we prepare the garden yet debate the planting

this year, however, the sun came early and blessed the ground with green and buds

the air promises us a long season as we look around and assess winter's damage .( there is always alot to be done!)

and get back in the rythmn of farm life .
piglets coming soon. :)
yee haw!
 on the Art Farm, life is busy. spring and summer bring me the most joy. for it is when my dreams in paint come to life.

farm art
xo milady

Not Sure

We have a new family member. His name is Ollie.
He is a dudley - a labrador retriever with blue eyes and a pink nose.
I like to call him Dudley Doodle.
It's a long story - but we ended up with him. How could we refuse? He came, unexpectedly
into our lives like someone else we've known and loved.
Remember this guy?
He even had a blue collar.
welcome back whoever you are!
don't worry about the sheep, she'll get over it.
xo milady

A little Space to Reflect and a really crooked bunch of photos

 So, what you ask, have I been doing? 
well, here is just a snippet. A peek, a quick dip in the daily life
of me.

I taught little children to  believe in fairies and make
inviting houses and gardens for them.

They named me Miss Margaloo and clung to my arms by the end of the classes.

I loved my little friends and their sweet creative spirits.

even if some terrariums got mixed up like a  blender.
Everyday i look to see whos living in my fairy forest
with as much anticiaption as my little friendsnever wanting this green
magical summer grass to end...

And lambie's wool needed cropping again
And my first born blossomed into a young lady
turned 16!
Lambie thought the piglets, Lola and Frederick. were her long lost babies

Some friends opened an artists co op this summer
where i have sold 8 paintings!

Driving back and forth to town in my favorite old red truck.
and by some miracle pulled off a successful show of milady productions - a product line of my art
 in our park last week! I won best booth :)

and POOPED but excited and motivated.
did i mention the new puppy?

THEATER: Drawing Challenge

This is what i came up with .  An intuitive browse through my files...trying to tell a story about THEATER>
Starring as ME , mother, creator, artist, caretaker in the SET of my life; rural, ranch, home, land, remote.
Home is my stage, Improv is my life.
I wish i had time to doodle and create but life is speeding up as summer races towards an end.
Did i tell you? I am preparing for an art show in 2 weeks! A small town sort of arts/crafts event that draws a crowd to our little nook in the west.
Visit my fellow beloved performers and enjoy the show!
kristen ?
ritva welcome!

any others? Don't be shy! the theme is open ended! I have so much more to tell you, about my life as a young dancer growing up in the Seattle Opera House and falling asleep under velvet cushions to the lullabies of Wagner.

xo milady

Everyday Life : A Drawing Challenge

everyday i drive past the old bones

that make me think of the dream i saw

in grandma's books

of a big family tilling the soil

and soil of their clan

with loving hands

that do it all

one day at a time

while i still wonder what i will be when i grow up

as i continue to juggle whilst i skip


xo milady

Dear ,deep,  thoughtful Elisabeth is our hostess this week.
Thank you Elisabeth. Everyday i am inspired by  my new friends in the world
through this challenge.

Goatie and Lambie

Here is a little diddy that I made for Morgan when he was a wee babe. It's called Goat Boy. (If you look closely you'll see I forgot to draw the rest of the harness!)

that little dog looks an awful lot like Pearl who was but a twinkle of a star sky back then.

Ah, the good old days...when a kid could ride a goat for fun. I have some photos of my great-grand-people riding goats. So does my husband. We're working on bringing that trend back. Its good old fashioned clean fun.

Goatie reluctantly leaving me. Goats heads can turn around like an owl's. He escaped twice this way . He has a good home, its down the road. In fact, we kinda knew whose it was but figured if they really wanted him they'd come at least look for him. Goatie was free to go wherever but he chose to stay with us.

Lambie goes wherever she pleases and is always there to greet me when I pull up the drive.

Goatie was just too cool. Calm, and quiet. His little bleat was so sweet. He would just come up and let you pet his funny head and stroke his long bassett hound ears and liked it. If you quit, he'd lean in and wait patiently. I'm missing that little guy!
I BRAKE FOR JUNK bumper sticker from my friend Mary Randolph "Carter"

And as a true goat, he got in my car , first the front seat, then he checked out the backseat, then the 3rd row...(yes it is a HUGE car) and finally made his way out the very back. He never pooped or ate my seats. Silly goatie.

Roscoe feeding Blossom.
We are all looking forward to spring when we can have a goatie of our own!

xo milady


antique German ornaments found at christmas past collector

I have a lambie obsession, I love them, I love the way they look, I love what they represent. Now that I have my own little lamb (who is a full grown overweight sheep) I am even more obsessed. Now I want a goat. Did I tell you about the goat? A goat came a wanderin' into our lives and stayed with us for almost a month. Naturally, we named him Goatie, he lounged on the deck, napped under the horses' feeder, snuggled with Lambie once she got over her fear of him.

Then, sadly, his owners came. He reluctantly left, rope around his neck, escaping his leash twice.
I miss that guy but I don't think Morgan misses him that much. At least when he's trying to paint en plein air.
Come springtime, I'm getting a baby goat. :)
xo milady

Back up part 2 mini harvest

every year there is a time when i have to let go of growing things and let them wane instead, call it a day, a truce, say goodbye to my garden. this year i planted very late hence a barely fruited crop at this inevitable juncture. the smote of frost has killed the leaves thus killing any chance of plumping up the mini zucchinis, spaceships, carrots and potatoes. I have to wave my flag and start salvaging what i can, dig the potatoes and fry up the blossoms that never amounted to a vegetable. what a bust!

the potato hunt, however, is like a treasure hunt - delicious little gems that have magically sprouted from a single potato like grapes.
xo milady

Its About Time

roscoe and duke herding up the mamas and babies from the mountain

can u see morgan?

roscoe & pistol
Hello dear friends out there! I have been a busy art farmer ranch lady. No time to sit inside and hyperlink (which, BTW takes me wayyyy to long...any easy tips? why is it always duplicated? i'd sure appreciate it - i may even post more often!) I have so much to tell you.
My adventure to the ocean, my life as a ghost host, my car that sounds like a monster truck and has left parts of itself across america, the demo that was my boy's bedroom and bathroom because of an internal leaking pipe, kids sleeping on the floor like dogs...pig raising, showing, horse grooming, parades, rodeo, gardening, the dream kitchen reno on a fantasy budget (why do i torture myself?)and oh yeah! the first day of school and all that jetlag from waking up so un-naturally early! x x (those are my eyes)
its about time, time i posted, time i haven't.
so get ready for some catch up.
im serious about the hyperlink drives me crazy!!!

She still loves me

Blossom finally got a haircut. It was a big deal finding someone with the proper shears for her overdue coat of wool. I thought she'd never hold still, would hate me for life for subjecting her to nicks and shaving trauma but instead she is happy. She still lets me play with her ears and scratch her bony head. We didn't even have to hold her down. The pigs got out and found her wool on the ground. They went CRAZY! Rolling and snurfing and coming up with wooly moutaches and beards dangling from their snouts. It was one of the most hilarious farm moments to date.
Blossom is the best Lamb dog a girl could ask for.
One drawback...the sheep part, she poops often & on the go and eats my flowers.
oh well.
xo milady

Midsummer's Eve

Midsummer eve chores. Turning dirt, watering garden, sending aliens into black holes. For a moment the light shifts and turns on the crickets, the frog songs and bird lullabies. The air is fragrant and cool to my nose. Perfect and still.
I go to check the piglets and turn to see this: Blue on Red in Green. mmmm

then this...wherever Milady went, her lamb-dog was sure to go....

and this crappy ol wire fence so delicately strung along the back drive with weeds so lovely it makes me sigh....

Bandito wants some goodnight love, so i stop and bid him well...the sun softens still into pinks and lavender ...
telling all lits time to be still and listen to the distant night songs of trucks and tractors going to their barns

while the night pulls her dark shade up the mountain higher still

until all we see is the golden crown on red rocks and know its time to go in.

xo milady