Oso Grandioso

Oh boy, we have a problem, a big black hungry problem i call " Humphrey". Its Spring in the Colorado Rockies which means the bears are coming out of hibernation and wanting to EAT! ANYTHING! Its too early and cold for any native berries to fill their caverous bellies so its down the mountain to see what they can smell.

"yawn, i am starving!!! whats that smell? hmmmm i think i'll go down the mountain to the Rogers' buffet and see whats cookin. the people there are so nice, they leave me snacks in these big metal lunch boxes for me! oh what luck!!! a rotten birthday cake!
ooooh whats this?? fresh chickens? i LOVE fresh eggs! (one swipe and a few rips later) ah yes...a coop full of scraps and corn and CHICKENS...come here..i'm gonna getcha....rats!@! these chickens are crazy...i'll just eat the feed. that's just too much work for me."
I know he's dangerous but he's so dang cute. He's a big doofus...sits on his bottom like a big dopey circus bear staring at my tiny dog who is barking inches from his face..."whaaaat ? geez, some dogs..."
i'm off to have some of my large paintings photographed, ship 2 and deliver 1. milady is back in action.
have a happy day,