Art Mom

I love this entire concept of exploration and adventure in everyday living probably because that is how i tend to live my life!
I am also so curious about the mommy article...artists and mothers, creating and creation. I would love to add a blog about this...not the Martha Stewart perfect crafty childhood but more of a keeping it real platform for artistic moms. Its intense juggling all this creativity...i often feel as though i have a million kids, every little doodle and grandiose idea are all "kids" demanding my attention and yanking at my skirt. It can be quite challenging at times because guess what? The real live human kids always come first...even when the planets are all in line and your most amazing masterpiece yet is beckoning you into the studio. I hate that part.
A bit of advice: A wise woman once told me..."your talent will always be there for your whole life, your babies are only young once and need you, all of you."
Yes 3 are my living masterpieces that certainly require all of me!

xo milady