Uplifted from Down Under

meet my dear friend and mentor
Rikki Stubbs
an email from her this depressing sunday morning is just what i needed...news of colour and decor and my favorite place: sydney australia. i've got my ear buds stuffed in my ears piping endless moody tunes into my head as i pour over rikki's impressive portfolio...all accomplished since i worked for her back in the days of freedom and wonder. my mind is scheming. i'm aching for worldly encounters, things i'm not so used to but know so well & feed this impossible heart of mine. yes i can is muffled by the 't as i strain to hear its promise of an adventurous and glamorous future. meanwhile i 'll go feed the chickens and scrub yet another round of pots n pans. how i wish to be with my dear friends again!

xo milady