Merry Blessings to You & Yours!

Hey, i just saw that kid in the red hat ripping in the skate park last week!

A corner of my kitchen

My crafty boy Morgan

The Colona Christmas Paegant ... seriously, could it be any more Ingalls-ey? ! :)

Christmas is Colorado folks...not ski town Colorado but bum-#!(*k ranchy neighborly Colorado where i actually live. Out here we still put Christmas trees in classrooms and don't think we may offfend by wishing a stranger a Merry one...its all about mangers and baby Jesus and town tree lightings, free cider and children fat as ticks in layers of handmedowns. I made my family go to this paegant at which my teen protested its "stupid" ity. Well, i'm no super Christian or anything but that was just plain WRONG. How can you deny the homemade costumes, the little lamby and goat, the pinky lavender dusk lit cottonwoods and poorly recited Christmas story by an old lady in a scratchy microphone? Exactly, so i made her freeze and walked away from her to get these PICS
Its weird to admit to another revolution of the earth and see my baby is pulling away. everyone was does go fast. At least she crafts with me and still wants to be suprised by Santa. Its the magic we all love and hang on to ...unseen joy can indeed appear out of nowhere as long as we believe it can.

Enjoy your loved ones and even plain ol strangers...Blessings friends.

xo milady