Busy Kitchen

"i want the grass to by flying by mom" says morgan as he sketched

Roscoe sketching the Hungry Fox

Birdy-Cow by Morgan

Horse Chase by Morgan Tate Rogers

The Hungry Fox by Roscoe Stone Rogers

Portrait of Lucky by Stephanie Morgan Rogers

The last few weeks have been crazy in my kitchen. I gave up trying to compartmentalize different activities in different rooms and invited it all into my main digs...the kitch. Accounting for 3 businesses took up one long table top while the table we're supposed to eat on was getting a new Jackson Pollack makeover from the little brothers as they created their masterpieces. The cat joined in by laying on and proceeding to eat important documents, while the dog stepped in blobs of paint and tracked it all over my stone floors. But Dad Gummit....look what we achieved!

I'm so proud of my little boy's BIG art. They really got into it...stood back and pondered, added a bit of this and a dab of that...until the magical moment of i'm-doneness made itself known.

I can't wait to take the show down and find homes for these on my walls...they are so awesome, some of the best folk art i've seen in a while. hmmmm(evil paw rubbing) maybe an etsy shop is in order? college funds? ok...maybe just a trip to the movies!

xo milady