9 years ago

9 years ago i had a baby. a teeny tiny little baby who we named Roscoe after his great great great great. (add about a jillion of these)....grandfather from 13th century France, Roscoe de la Feld.
Roscoe of the Field.
We thought Rosabel was him. We waited and expected him . he travelled far and wide through the ages to get to us, only problem was, he was 4 months EARLY! He just didn't know he was soooo so teeny tiny.
we called him the "early bird special" when i finally woke up i got to meet him...it must've been the middle of the night, it was all dark except for a peaceful blue light and there under a shiny halo was my little perfect man....i put my hand on him and prayed.
i kept praying, refused to doubt, surrendered even when they cut him open and fixed his teeny tiny heart

and as each miracle revealed itself we kept on ...one tender hopeful unknowing step at a time
til he came home on his due date a fat little newborn who is now a brilliant, athletic, handsome, sensitive, wise, perfect son of mine.
Happy Birthday Roscoe of the Field!
xo milady