Morning Train

Olaf Hajek , Berlin
follow me on my morning train around the world over a cup of coffee. picture this, its mid march and it looks like christmas outside. a white out. again. when the sun does come out i can look forward to mud up to my ankles. i'm more than ready for a tulip or 3! getting the picture?

kids off to school, me still in pj's, clean up a little, just enough so i can justify time spent what im about to do...start my day waking up the artist in hibernation & go on a little adventure, knowing full well i'll get lost and wander, happily i might add, into other artists work, worlds, which lead me to other artists worlds etc..etc....
all aboard?
let's go!
1. check my blog, no comments :( feeling alone in the world... ) boo hoo

2. think 'll go to Pikaland (good day miss Amy!) and see what's up with Benconservato's monster giveaway

3.then, some delighful kitties catch my eye on the left side bar, click, ah yes!Jamie Shelman (get stuck over here for a while and do some homework for assignment#6
4. what's this? her blog? click, click , click (get jealous of people who go to museums and wear nice coats and eat fancy macaroons ) and find....

5. Carson Ellis and Catherine Campbell,oh yes, i remember these guys! and then the Devon Rex kitties which remind me of dear Elisabeth.
6. here i also discover Olaf Hajek, get lost in his wild bouquets... and Sarah Mcneil, had to check her out because she reminded me of my life in Sydney and trips to Manly where i too could enjoy gelato and wear something on my feet other than snowboots. at some point i discover this delightful little film. so cute.
7. save , click , fight with text links..lose my entire train route of hyperlinks...want to cry...

8. backtrack my steps and redo all the links... look outside. still snowing. 9. alot of time passes ... freezing cold, still in pj's, i'm back from my travels.

11. who wants to do taxes anyway?

xo milady
ps thanks to all of the above for an inspired morning adventure!