Their Valley

Their valley i call Home. To imagine them here, living respectfully with the seasons, honoring their hunt, but most of all living, laughing, loving like any person, makes me feel like the European imposter i am. The more i learn the less i know. I'm fascinated and famished for more information. Did they once dwell where my house is now? Did little children play in the forest as mine do? Do they know i am on their side?

Amazing pictures
I met this man who is Chief Ouray's great great grandson. Roland McCook. What a lovely lovely man.
He talked about the Ute culture. They do not even have a word for good-bye. They say " see you again". The need for such a word didn't exist, for to them, there is no end. They also had no curse words. No intentions to will negativity on anyone. Interesting.
This is all part of my history cramming for the Ghost Walk launching July 4th.

xo milady