back up part 1

Best to start in the recent past. that way i can hook into the original impetus, the spirit, the notion i had to take the pic in the first place. Once i get on the line I can remember it all...sort of like when im telling a big story and have to be reminded mid sentence so i can find my way back to the point. I'm a wide caster, i cast my net impossibly wide in hopes of reigning in something of worth out there in the big world of infinite possibilities.
where was I? oh yeah, backing up. Its fall in the mountains. The leaves are turning and the air is crispy. Cows must be collected from high pastures, brought back to the ranch (my neighbor's) and sorted from their youngn's (ugh)
School has begun, homework invades my leisurely evening plans and thoughts are all about collecting and storing. Out here, on the land, one becomes accustomed to living by the seasons. Right now i am a big squirrel.
xo milady