Wild Mushrooms

an unknown photo of a girl and gnomes 1887 - this is how i felt and wished i looked! :)

Holly and Lily

A lovely bolete!

Courthouse Rock

just a hop skip from my front door is this...the glorious Cimmaron mountains

with all their crags and points and magical forests. My friend taught me to identify chanterelles, boletes and hedgehogs but most importantly the deadly

kinds that are oh so smiliar . The day was crisp and fresh, the first day of school actually...we dropped off our children and drove here, hunted for our prizes, had a picnic on a stump then drove down the mountain to town where we fetched our kids. To think the kids were working so hard that entire time while their mothers were skipping through the woods like 2 little red riding hoods.

Dinner that night : Quinoa pasta with a Marsala wine and Chanterelle cream sauce with fresh sage.

What kind of adventures await you near your home?

Would love to hear!