Advent 3 The Owl

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just so you know, i stayed up late and finished this just past midnight. it was a busy day out of the house.
I saw many wonderful things yesterday but it wasn't until a certain encounter in the evening that made the entire day reveal it's gift : The Flight of the Owl.
Earlier in the day we saw one of our valley angels in the expanded across our entire town, white and gray wings spread in perfect symmetry. A meterologist would have other explanations having to do with thermals and mountain topography but we know what we saw...a huge magical owl.
Later in the evening driving home down the old country road, kid in my lap, we were swooped by large winged creature. It stood on the road until we got real close then it took flight altering its course to give us a full body show of feathers and talons.
The owl has a mysterious job - flying between here and there, where heaven and earth meet in cold night air.
We were lucky.
We got a glimpse.

xo milady