The Pile and the Glow

see the advent "tree?"
we had our party this weekend. christmas doesn't seem complete without a house full with lots of food and children running about - not to mention the motivation to finish painting walls and clean the floors.
I suddenly become Scandinavian during this time which makes me so happy.
meaning, all things elvish and vintage white come out and wrap the house with a big hug from Carl Larson.
I bring out all MY toys.
 and while i happily glitter and glow, the advent pile just grows and grows...
As we desperately await the long overdue snow.
This is totally unacceptable for Colorado mountains.

 But the Cheer was on full blast as we gathered to watch the teenagers do the "robot" in front of the fire
and stuffed ourselves silly with delectable food from my dear friends i so admire!

I promise...advent will be done by come back for a big "present" from me!

XO milady