abededaire by francois huotin

 dish design for Hermes

dioscorides ancient greek medical illlustrations

hermes window display Paris

my sketchbook and beloved ink pot

 yves taralon & francois huotin in francois' atelier

Nadine, this is for you! I was intrigued too so I went on a little google adventure and found that the alphabet
was created by this wonderful man : Francois Huotin, a not so vintage frenchman. I was sure the image was from the 1800's if not earlier.  fascinating! Then, I read on to learn that he was a trained landscpape architect ( a career path I was once on)  who mostly creates fantastical garden designs in old world etched perfection.  yum!  Then, I realized that he is the artist of some beautiful dishware by Hermes I've been lusting over!  And to top it off? The picture of his atelier I had saved as my dream studio inspiration is his!  God! i love that. :) when it all clicks! ...and that was an intended pun! :)
ink, parchment, France and twisted tree limbs...a sweet stirring in my soul today.
dreaming of blossoms,

xo milady