Fair Fair and the Great Train Wreck's a Coming

roscoe the brave has been trying out his duds for weeks now

getting in the spirit of the old west
watchin old men on tractors doing donuts
eating dirt for lunch and dinner
getting chased around a parking lot by a boy and his chicken

watching the kids scrub, trim, clip and shine their stock

and putting on their best for show

anticipating the full stands tomorrow
rumored guests include past presidents and Ralph Lauren etc....
while the big sister puts the finishing touches on her retro cowgirl shirt
in preparation for grand entrance
as the Queen.

Small town rodeo and fair. It's an American tradition.
I feel lucky to dip a toe or two in it.

the train wreck?
 oh, the very next day after is dramatic finish to the summer
is the first day of school.


xo milady