Camp and Clogs

Isn't it strange and wonderful when
you have a thought about something
then find it on the web

I was looking for my beloved red clogs
getting ready to do some photos
with Blossom etc...
the clogs that make me feel like
I couldn't find them anywhere in my house
but i did find

what a woman!
8 kids and red clogs!

Dottie Angel's workshop by ACE camps 
Angela Ritchie of ACE camps is a genius! She gathers amazing artists all over the globe and creates workshops. I love her Pinterest too. Great finds of all kinds!
If I had a million dollars...(sing the song)

I'd go to every one. Just for fun. Cos, how often do you get to meet someone else on the planet who loves red clogs as much as I do?!

at least i know where my red truck is :)

xo milady