Girls & Goodbyes

 We left in the wee hours of the morning to drive 8 hours out of the mountains and into the desert of Arizona.
The day had come, my baby was leaving home to start her new life as a college student - from a town of 900 to a campus of 78,000.
Needless to say, she was a little nervous.
But all that faded away as we found her dorm to be pleasantly resort like, and her roomie a gem.
Not even the heat seemed to be an issue.
She is excited and ready to go. Bittersweet time for this mama.
My girls are leaving the Art Farm. First Blossom, now my girl - at least I still had my other daughter....Pearl.

Upon arriving home, we discovered that Pearl was missing - and to our horror learned she had been missing the entire week.
My heart sank.
Titanic style.

Luckily for us, we have a wonderful animal shelter which is where Pearl spent 7 days...someone decided she was lost (on our country road ) coaxed her into their home and kept her. After a f ew days they took her to the shelter. Meanwhile, our dogsitter, assumed a friend had come to get her and watch her at their house.
Whats even crazier is that she was up for adoption starting the day we got home. We actually had to adopt her back!
Happily I might add.
Never again will I let Pearl run around the farm bare naked...she didn't have a tag because she NEVER leaves the property!
PHEW - at least I got my girl back - this mom wouldn't have faired a complete empty- of- females nest!!!

Tell me about your "letting go" experiences. I need some advice! :)

xo milady