Advent December 11 The Tree

Every year for years now we have wandered off into the wilderness with our
little bright orange tree tags we buy from the forestry dept in search of the tree.
its a tradition that i adore
this year, because of all the balls in the air, we had to go BUY one in a tree lot.
I don't like perfect trees.
I like the ones with pinecones still attached, maybe a birds nest and dried bits of seasonal
I like the ones that stand 12' high and you can see the trunk.
I like the ones that look like the Charlie Brown Tree.
give them some love and voila...

(a charlie brown tree of christmas past)
the tree always looks about the same
same spot
same ornaments
but my! how the kids have grown!

Advent December 11  The Tree
Blessing: the ritual is what they will fondly remember

xo milady