Advent December 5 Crow Party

Crow Party (ongoing)
December 5th

We had an epic winter storm all day yesterday. A good 2 feet , unplowed roads -
delayed fed ex deliveries (yikes craft fair tomorrow! where are my new biz cards??)
It was nice to go in and stay inside. School will be delayed tomorrow and we can all sleep in a wee bit.

Woke up to a Blue Bird morning...Colorado has some of the world's bluest clear skies.
The storm left its mark covering every last inch of bare ground.  Branches, bushes, cows and birds were dusted with
magnificent sparkles. Their bodies still, as if actually frozen we laughed at how the cows looked like statues.

And then i saw some strange black shapes in the frosted limbs of cottonwoods by the river. I thought they might be
someone's black hat tossed up in the tree or perhaps a dead crow.
As I got closer I realized it was them...
the Crows
having another Crow Party.

"move over...i'm about to fall off this branch"

"i just want to keep warm ....c'mon!...."

"please your thing...."

"Ok...guys...the sun's up now - get your own branch!"

"Alright everybody, i'm calling to order this meeting..."

You see, ever since my Rosie was a wee one, whever we saw the crows gather anywhere, on telephone wires, on fenceposts, hay fields, road kill...we'd say " Oh look! They're having a Crow Party! "
We imagined how they talked and what in the world they were scheming at.
All our crow voices are men, from the Al Capone gangster genre.
Today they were all bunched up in a solid white glistening tree...
not too comfortable with snuggling eachother
but desperate to be warm.

Advent December 5th Crow Party
blessing/wisdom:  together we can do this thing and have a party doing it.