Advent December 6, 7 & 8

Advent December 6  BlueJay
I haven't seen him yet this year.
In fact, I'm not sure IF i'll see him at all.
Every year when the fall rain gives way to sleet and snow
I am notified of this change
by a lone bright blue bird
visible from my bed
out in the big bare boxwood elder outside my window.
The bird always lets me know...
It's gonna snow now
for a long long time.
His absence is ovbious and yet the snow has surely fallen
Where is he?
Then I remembered, the blue feathers scattered across the yard in the late fall.
a wing
some pale gray down
It will be a miraculous treat
to see  you again
i wait with anticipation.

Advent December 6th Blue Jay
Blessing: Notice the small gifts outside your window

Advent December 7th  The Buck

I have seen this magnificent scene before
a lone deer crossing the river
and always felt
it was just for me
A shaman told me once it is a powerful omen
a good good blessing.
The other day, as I was driving home from the grocery next town over
I was blessed again
To see that same river, with the setting rays kissing the icey water
a dreamy far away glowing mountain range
in the background with a gigantic buck and his family
walking towards me
in the river
as if it were a road.
I don't know what kind of medicine that is
but it's the kind I like

Advent December 7th The Buck
Blessing: See the spirit in everything. God is talking.

Advent December 8 :Wild Winter Berries
I love this time of year when all goes white, illuminating pops of holiday red berries
twisted around spent limbs of summer's bloom
revealing their secret life
now exposed and begging
for picking
My all time favorite foraging ritual includes
gathering these branches
remember this one?
how i miss the Christmas Lamb dog!

blessing: hidden jewels await their reveal

xo milady