V-8 moment

unbeknownst to me i have been part of this bloggy scrap journal movement for a very long time. this is a cheap Australian binder that i used as a journal keeper back in 1991 when living in Australia. i like weird basic school supplies from other countries. this binder snaps shut all along the seam so you can add or take away paper as you wish. neat.
what's so wonderful now is the knowing there are so many others out there all over the world doing the same. I may start a seperate blog with all my old journals in it...well, at least the scribbly side of it, the collages, the travel logs the coveted collection of international postmarks torn from my very own mail ...and the most important one of all, the journal of Roscoe's birth.
i've been gathering up info and spewing ideas. this whole digi thing has got me right where it wants me: thinking about, getting excited about, producing, organizing, sharing ART! (A Real Trip)