Milady goes to Santa Fe

I like Santa Fe because it smells like pinon and people, the real people are genuine and funky. rosie and i found a little farmers market and bought an assortment of home grown and packaged chili mixes from Gloria Trujillo herself...a delightful little woman all of 4' who has sold her family's farm goods for over 40 years. we chatted with the egg man who had such a nice chicken coop he thinks he might move in when his dad dies and rent the house out. i'm a sucker for old folks ...drawn and seeking some bit of wisdom.

I got a good dose of Santo viewing in and checked out the International Folk Art musem.

I never stepped a foot into a gallery.

I may never forgive my husband for deliberately zooming past Georgia O'Keefe's studio.

next time? leave the guys at home.