Pika Package Power!

I'm all about the Pikapackage right now...its all i can think about. I am focused and in the groove of mindless creating...and I Am in LOVE with IT. experimenting, embracing the hand-made-ness of it all, crookied stitches and all.
as i glue, brush, snip and sew, i feel that i am doing exactly what i am meant to do...opening up my Etsy shop come May 1st is the next step. even my mess inspires me (see pics)
let me remind you, i create from a ranch-vacuum...i am literally all by myself in this, me and all my little milady friends and the freaky coyote that keeps running through my yard in broad daylight looking hungry. the choices i've made to live out here, have a bunch of kids, kiss the city art scene goodbye...have lead me right back to the heart of what I need: a global community of like minded artists.
THANK YOU AMY NG from Pikaland. Your excellent organization of creative crafty souls around the world is most appreciated!
knowing about this big world of kindred soul friends pushes me to do more, expand the image boundaries, draw that weird rabbit man i've been seeing in my journals for 20 years now.
Its all such a relief.