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the cliffs of mohr county clare

this is a tired post. it is St. Patricks day. my son didn't get his green milk this morning and then came home upset that i didn't send him to school with a green muffin. i used to stay up late and scatter gold nuggets of chocolate around the house, cook irish themed food all day and tuck them in bed with stories of leprachauns and magic.
this year, pickles. thats right. i bought a jar of pickles. they're green right?
i didn't think they'd notice.
on a lovelier note, today reminds me of someone special. my grandmother Irene Slattery. when she passed, my father took a special trip to the cliffs of mohr and scattered her ashes into the sea. she loved it there as it is the place of her ancestry. i miss her so so much. someday i will go there.