Jewels, Blues and Surprise GIVEAWAY!

Feeling alot like i want to be in this room lately. To be enveloped in a fairy tale cloak, warmed and secured

by magic only a few get to witness.  Wearing a long warm skirt, stitched by someone I love. A time before t.v. and bubble housing markets.  I want to fly away to this place.  Where traditions and fantasy still hold court. Where everyone gathers with lanterns at night and sings.

In my own little way...i've created a bit of that. May i introduce...Milady's Medallions.


Sacred Heart charm bracelet

Ice Vine choker


Storm detail

Blueberry Pearl

And the first kick ass belt!

(love it!)

In addition to ornaments, tea towels, art blocks and prints - i have now finally made some wearables. I've teamed up with a very talented friend who is making the lovely hand crocheted "chains" for some of my pendants.
Milady's Medallions
These are just a few of the combos. More coming to my ETSY SHOP. I am exhausting myself trying to make the photos look perfect - but you will never see them if I hold myself to that standard.
Here you go.

The surprise?
A chance to win a Milady Medallion necklace!!!
Name drawn on Black Friday - NOV 25th.
Comment. Critique. Tell me what you think. Spread the word! Tell me who sent you.
No brown nosing...winner will be picked randomly! :)

GOOD LUCK! xo milady