Thanksgiving is here. That means that the holidays are upon us.  Gatherings, gluttony and pressure to buy things make me feel like Charlie Brown.  Thanksgiving came too fast this year. I'm not ready. The snow hasn't fallen. It's too warm. Isn't it Halloween? I'm confused!
And I haven't had a chance to sit down and see this childhood staple with my kids yet. But Morgan did manage to create an elaborate scene out of playmobil. Bananas!

cartoon clip

I love that my blog friends may not understand...
thanksgiving thoughts from an ex-pat
Nor do I really...the meaning and customs have already morphed into unrecognizable and hideous forms.
Some traditions, I just found out about today!
Lost Thanksgiving Culture
Thanksgiving is really about harvest, togetherness, gratefulness and celebration of company.
Thank you Linus for reminding me!

Tomorrow i will draw the GIVEAWAY WINNER!

many thanks,
xo milady